O que eu achei do novo iPad?

Aprendi a olhar melhor para as alternativas. O site Total Customer pergunta se a Apple não forçou a barra demais com os iPad 4 (novo até quando?) e iPad mini. Eis minha resposta, de voleio:


I’m from Brazil and here the situation is even worse! The iPad (3, new?) has just come to our market with tax rebates because it is assembled here. So much for the good news!

Now we have to deal with iOS6 and Apple Maps (no coherent maps of Brazilian cities), LTE not available and, most of all, the iPad3 life cycle here will be limited to 4 months only (launched last July).

After a long period of canine fidelity to Apple products, I have started looking at the other side of the fence. Actually, I will jump over the fence and embrace the competition, which is not that obsolete, after all.

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